I just… I can’t even…

I took a class called AIS101 last year (American Indian Studies 101). We discussed a lot of things about Native Americans as a whole, and one of the things that really resonated with me was the insensitivity of the rest of America to Native cultures as a whole. 

Then today, I stumble across this picture of Vanessa Anne Hudgens at the Cochella Music and Arts Festival last week. 

Vanessa Hudgens

(Picture’s from here.)

I just looked at her imdb bio, and her father is of partial Native American descent. However, that DOES NOT give her the right to wear this overtly stereotypical outfit. Has any one of the Native American actresses from Twilight worn anything like this? Nope. This is the kind of crap that is allowing the American public to think that a feathered headdress and that face paint is “real Native American culture”. What crap! So, congrats Vanessa, I hope you feel proud. 

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